The competitive spirit is alive and well


THE Commonwealth Games may not have the glamour and reputation of other major sporting events but this year’s competition was a surprise hit with viewers and sports fans alike.


And perhaps the main reason for the unexpected popularity of the games, which in the past has played second fiddle to bigger and more prestigious competitions, was the spirit in which the event was held.


The athletes taking part and competing against one another appeared to have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the whole tournament was surrounded by a sense of fun and enjoyment.


With the stakes so high in professional sport that sense of fun can often disappear altogether with the desire to win the main objective for those taking part.


And when it comes to the world of business it is essential to have ambition and drive if you are looking to be successful and there is no denying that it is also important to have a competitive streak.


The sales environment can be particularly competitive and you have to be tough and strong willed to survive and prosper.  And it does not matter what sector you are working in, if you want to get to the very top then you have to have that competitive streak.


But I have always believed that if you are going to be competitive then it is important to do it in the right spirit and in the correct manner.


In other words having the will to win is important but not if you want to win at all costs and with little regard to the people around you.


I believe it is perfectly possible to be competitive and ambitious without being ruthless and cut-throat.


There are plenty of cliches and misapprehensions when it comes to world of business which often paint a false picture of the way really successful people go about their business.


Of course, there are people who will stop at nothing to come out on top but the reality is that the really successful people are the ones who are tough negotiators and single minded but are also fair and straight-forward.


Sometimes it can be tough to tell people something that they do not want to hear but it is always the best policy to say exactly what you mean. You can be tough and stick to your guns but you also need to honest and fair when it comes to deals and negotiations.


The harsh reality is that in business not everyone is going to get what they want and as a leader or manager some people will be left feeling disappointed or let down as a result of the decisions you take.


It can be a tough balancing act to make sure you got your own way in negotiations or meetings but you can still be fair and honest in your dealings.

The key is to treat everyone the way you would want to be treated and to be direct without being discourteous or aggressive.


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