Why it is so important to switch off from time to time

All of us deal with stress in different ways and have different coping mechanisms and techniques when it comes to tackling the pressures of modern life.
The reality is that human beings are incredibly complex creatures and we all react differently to the pressures of the modern workplace. For some lucky people stress is not even a major issue.
I have spoken before of the importance of getting the balance right between work and pleasure. Personally I enjoy my work immensely but the time I spend with my family and loved ones is equally as important.
Taking time out from the office can help to refresh the batteries and will also give you a better perspective on live.
Being totally focussed on work and nothing else in life can warp your worldview and ultimately have a negative effect not only the individual but also on the people around them.
It is simply not a healthy approach to focus solely on work and the best managers are the ones who encourage their team members to take a balanced approach to work and play.
But it is not just about taking time away from the workplace the quality of your leisure is just as important.
The advances in technology and the advent of social media mean we are constantly connected to the outside world. Pretty much all of us now carry a tablet or a smart phone with us at all times which means we are now in a state of constant communication.
You only have to pop into a bar or a café to see that people are constantly talking to one another via their handheld electronic devices.
In fact people below the age of 30 have grown up with the internet and are more likely to talk to one another through social media than more traditional forms of communication.
I have long felt that the new form of constant communication can be as much a curse as a blessing if it is used or handled in the wrong way.
We are all guilty of spending too much time on the internet or reading emails rather than actually talking to one another.
That is why that sometimes when you are away from the workplace and enjoying time with people who are the most important in life it is important to get away from it all.
If you really do want to spend some real quality time with loved ones then sometimes a complete break from technology can make all the difference.
If you really do want to switch off and relax then actually switching off you phone of tablet for a few hours really can make all the difference.
After all the world will not come to an end or the business come to a crashing halt if you are out of contact for a couple of hours.

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